Improving Safety and Adding Value with Remedial Builder Balcony Repairs

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Improving Safety and Adding Value with Remedial Builder Balcony Repairs

Leaky balconies aren’t just an annoyance. They can also be the source of impending disaster. Why do balconies leak, and more importantly, can they be fixed without a complete demolish and rebuild? The good news is, yes, balcony repairs are possible when you use a remedial builder who specializes in waterproofing.

Why Do Balconies Leak?

A balcony can develop leaks for a variety of reasons. The building could be showing its age, or the leaks could develop because of low-quality work. Other reasons you may need balcony repairs include a degraded waterproofing membrane between the tiles and the concrete, poor building maintenance, or shifting earth has caused cracks to develop.

After years of standing on shifting earth, an old building may succumb and show its age through cracks in the structure, including the balcony. It’s critical to address these because degrading structural integrity in a balcony is a recipe for disaster, especially for those on the second story or higher.

Cracks in the concrete can lead to spalling or concrete cancer. Spalling concrete degrades over time, and if left untreated, can cause the balcony to collapse under its own weight.

How Does Spalling Affect Structural Integrity of a Balcony?

Concrete balconies use steel bars to add strength and reinforce the structure. The steel may be exposed to the elements when cracks appear, leading to rust and further degradation.

Visible spalling may be the tip of the iceberg, as it often spreads to other areas that are out of sight. You can check for spalling by examining your balcony for signs of bubbles in the render, leaking from overhead concrete balconies, and rust stains on the surface.

The Hazards of Trapped and Pooling Water

Building companies may have cut corners by laying tiles directly onto the surface of the concrete without laying a waterproof membrane in between. While the tiling is intact, this isn’t a problem. However, once cracks appear in the tiles or grout, you can get issues with leaking.

Water can leak through the grout and sit between the tiles and concrete with no way to drain or evaporate away.

Even if a membrane is installed between the concrete and tiles, trapped moisture can degrade it over the years, eventually leading to concrete cancer.

If cracks in the concrete expose the steel reinforcing bars to moisture, you will get a rusting problem. You won’t be able to see the rusting, but it could be the source of your leaky balcony. Fortunately, you don’t have to remove your tiles to detect moisture.

New techniques in waterproofing are available that will save you from the expense of demolishing your existing balcony for a new one. If your balcony shows its age, a retiling and waterproofing treatment will give it a new lease on life for at least another couple of decades.

When you notice cracks in your balcony tiles or if your balcony is leaking, give your remedial builder a call so they can assess the situation and offer a solution. 

Remedial builders using state-of-the-art technology can scan for moisture without removing a single tile. Leaks are also fixed with minimal disruption by removing and replacing grout and sealant in the affected area and then using advanced waterproofing products to reseal the entire balcony.

Whatever the reason for your leaky or damaged balcony, a remedial builder specializing in balcony repair and waterproofing can help you save money and stay safe while adding value to your property.