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When Should You Put in an Insurance Claim?

When your home is impacted by a flood, bushfire or other major disaster, our team encourages you to work with your insurance provider immediately. Once you start to make your claim, our Make Safe policy allows us to assess your building on behalf of the insurer. We’ll work with you to support you with the paperwork needed to claim on your insurance, no matter how big or small the incident was. Our team has seen every type of emergency situation imaginable over the years, so we can help with repairs and restructuring work following a fire or flood.

Common Insurance Claims in NSW

Floods, hail and bushfires are two of the most common types of emergency situations in NSW and Sydney. However, we all know that house fires and other types of home emergencies are common also. Workplace incidents are also on the rise, and we work with business owners who find themselves in difficult situations. The quicker you can respond to any type of damage or emergency, the more likely we’ll be to restore your home or workplace to its original condition and allow you to get back to enjoying the quality of life you did before.

Has your home or property recently been impacted by an emergency situation or are you trying to claim on your insurance? Contact us today to discover how Bolt Building can support you in restoring your building to make it a safe place to live.

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We’re honoured to play a role in bringing life back to buildings that have been affected by floods, bushfires, and storms. We provide domestic, industrial, and commercial building repairs to insurers and the government sector, relocating across NSW for as long as required to provide building and repair support to structures and homes impacted by disasters.

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remedial repairs

Services We Offer:

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Insurance Repairs

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