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Remedial repairs

What are Remedial Repairs?

Remedial building work or remedial repairs work to resolve structural issues that are showing in your building. Our work will focus on improving the aesthetics of your building, but can also resolve structural integrity and functional integrity issues. There are many different services which come under this category, which our team will happily help you with. No job is too big or small for our remedial repairs team, who work across NSW and Sydney.

Our team offers both immediate and scheduled repairs. We know that sometimes you’ll find a leak or damage to your home which needs quickly fixing. For that reason, we encourage you to call our 24/7 emergency repairs line, where we can help you at any time of the day or night. We’ll be here to support you and answer your questions to put your mind at ease should you find an issue in your home.

The Benefits of Remedial Repairs

Compared to other types of repairs, remedial repairs focus on both the look of the building and the functionality of the area. We’ll work with you to resolve any long-term issues you’ve been facing, so that you have a safe and secure place to work or live. Our team knows how concerning it can be to find defects in any part of your building, such as your bathroom or balcony. With so many years working in the local area, we are also aware of common issues regarding concrete and waterproofing in NSW and Sydney. We’ve seen and done it all before, so you’ll be in safe hands when working with us.

Waterproofing in Sydney and NSW

Waterproofing is one of the most popular services that we offer for homeowners in Sydney. We know that the rain can cause huge damage to your home, so we’ll work with you to find a way to effectively protect your building during the rainier season. The sooner you invest in waterproofing, the more likely you’ll be to enjoy years of time in your home without any leaks or issues.

Common Concerns for Homeowners in Sydney

Australian weather presents many unique challenges for homeowners and property owners. Having been around in the industry for many years now, we’ve overcome any challenge you can imagine. With so many properties enjoying the benefits of balconies, we find that many of these need maintenance and care after some time. Leaks are very common when there’s been heavy rain or flooding in Sydney and NSW, but we know how to work to restore your balcony’s appearance and structure. We also see a lot of issues with shower and bathroom leaks, but these are generally a quick and easy fix when you leave it to our team of professionals.

Do you need assistance with any of the remedial repairs services we’ve shared above? If so, get in touch with our team today. We’ll be here to answer any questions you have and support you with remedial repairs on your building as needed.

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We’ve completed a diverse range of defect rectification projects, ranging from refurbishments, residential dwellings of all kinds, including multi-storey, and more – with specialised expertise in balcony upgrades and rectifications.

Remedial repairs

Services We Offer:

  • Concrete cancer
  • Balcony upgrades
  • High rise maintenance
  • Waterproofing
  • Defect rectification
  • Upgrades
  • Re-cladding
  • Painting
remedial repairs


Remediate concrete that has corroded, been structurally damaged, or been affected by water – also called concrete cancer or spalling.


Bring new life to cracked and damaged facades caused by deeper structural problem, and prevent further damage. This includes crack repairs, waterproofing, rendering, and balcony and balustrade upgrades.


Don’t fear when slabs and bricks begin to fail, we can easily repair structural problems and save your building. Working in conjunction with your engineers, or providing our own, we will ensure the structure is repaired, and complies with relevant codes, to ensure its fit for purpose.


We analyse the requirements and the specifications of each building to determine the best waterproofing solution. Our waterproofing and remedial works are completed using the highest quality materials, and the most effective techniques that ensure durability that can withstand the test of time, temperature, and other factors.

Remedial repairs

Our experience in remedial building, concrete cancer repairs, and waterproofing are second to none. The below is just a small list of trusted suppliers we use to provide the highest quality repairs.


SIKA AUSTRALIA Founded in 1976, Sika Australia is part of the global leader, the Sika Group, which has been supplying construction and industry products for over 100 years.

PARCHEM CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES have been servicing the Australian construction industry for over 50 years.

ARDEX has been a leader in quality flooring and tiling for over 60 years. And it’s the brand of choice for professionals in Australia – and around the globe.

DRIZORO is a Spanish company with over thirty years of experience in the manufacture of chemical products for the building industry.

DUROTECH is an Australian-owned manufacturer that provides innovative waterproofing and coating materials to the local and global markets. It has over 40 years of experience.

FOSROC established over 80 years ago, FOSROC is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of high-performance chemicals for the construction industry.


Bolt Building Pty Ltd has earned a solid reputation amongst Strata managers, homeowners and industry professionals across Sydney for consistently demonstrating quality workmanship, outstanding service, positive can do attitude and a true understanding of repairs and rectifications.

With our experience and comprehensive accreditation, we stand apart from most strata remedial builders. Bolt Building will provide a solution for any budget.

We have the equipment for every project. Contact the company you can trust.

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