Prevent Disasters and Add Value with Remedial Balcony Repair Sydney

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Prevent Disasters and Add Value with Remedial Balcony Repair Sydney

The Australian waterproofing and insurance industry is fond of quoting figures stating, “waterproofing is 1.8% of a construction’s cost, but it represents 83% of building defects complaints.”

These figures don’t help when you are looking at a quote of tens of thousands of dollars to have a balcony ripped out and replaced. Not only is it a substantial out-of-pocket expense, but it’s also unlikely to add any value to your property.

Fortunately, a complete teardown is not the only option to restore your outdoor area to its former glory. A much more economical solution can be found by consulting with your local remedial balcony repair Sydney service.

The rest of this article will examine the problems that can develop with balconies and why it’s crucial to get them repaired as soon as possible.

What is Concrete Spalling and How Does it Affect Your Building?

Concrete spalling, or concrete cancer as it is otherwise known, refers to the deterioration that occurs when reinforcing steel is exposed to the elements. Steel rusts as it expands, which puts pressure on the surrounding concrete to cause cracking.

As the concrete continues to crack and degrade, more steel is exposed, and the condition worsens. Your balcony may have concrete spalling if you notice:

  • Bubbles in the concrete render
  • Visible rust stains on the surface of the concrete
  • Leaking in overhead concrete slabs

Concrete cancer is a hazardous condition requiring balcony repairs because it not only looks unattractive it also displaces fixed items like balustrading. If left for too long, the concrete may eventually fall from the building and cause serious injury or worse to passersby underneath.

Call your balcony repairs company as soon as you notice any issues with concrete spalling and avoid future tragedies.

What Causes Concrete Spalling?

The conditions that cause concrete spalling are most often formed while sealing the concrete structures, including:

  • Poorly prepared reinforcing steel during concrete pouring
  • Steel reinforcement placed to close the surface substrate
  • Low-quality engineering causes stress fractures
  • Misuse of concrete slabs

Remedial Balcony Repair for Leaky Balconies

There are a lot of conditions that can cause a leaky balcony, so it’s essential to be on the lookout for them so you can call in a professional remedial balcony repairs team and avoid a disaster or expensive rebuild.

Why Do Balconies Leak?

Poorly laid or old and cracked tiling can lead to a leaky balcony because moisture can seep through the tile grout. Tiling alone does not provide enough waterproofing, and a durable waterproofing membrane between the tiles and the balcony surface is required.

Old waterproofing products may have deteriorated over time and can trap moisture between the tiles and the membrane. Aged or low-quality waterproofing membranes may also not have the necessary thermal contraction and expansion properties.

Poorly installed membranes can lead to entry points for moisture which will get trapped between the different surfaces, including balustrades and vertical walls.

It is critical to diagnose the source of the leak so the necessary waterproofing repairs can be performed. A professional balcony repairs Sydney service can help you with this and recommend an appropriate waterproofing repair strategy.

Waterproofing repairs Sydney service can replace old membranes with newer, more durable materials that will add years to the life of your balcony.

All buildings will eventually deteriorate over time and develop structural issues. However, the faster you can assess the damage and get your balcony repaired, the less cost you will incur. Call the professionals in remedial balcony repairs today if your balcony has suddenly sprung a leak and needs waterproofing repairs or you have noticed concrete spalling.